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ProChile talks with JCC about Improving Trade Relations

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Further to an initial meeting held in October 2021, President of the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce, Ian Neita and CEO Larry Watson, met with Commercial Director of ProChile, Liz Rivaz de Ginebras to discuss strengthening trade relations between both countries with specific interest on sustainable development which promotes innovation, inclusiveness and digitization. 

Rivaz De Ginebras emphasized the importance of increased collaboration between Chile and Jamaica which will further open Jamaican to the Chilean Market and viceversa as there is a great opportunity to increase the cooperation. She noted that, “Chile currently exports wines, fruits and seafoods to Jamaica. Furthermore, Chile’s weather condition can facilitate an extension of the scope of produce imported to Jamaica whilst ensuring the production of fresh, sustainable and healthy foods.” 

Ian Neita welcomed the move by ProChile to increase trade relation with Jamaica. Larry Watson highlighted that “one area of significant value and importance is Jamaica’s agriculture sector which can definitely benefit from technological transfer of the production of fruits and vegetables, as Chile has an advanced agriculture industry which is credited to the work led by Former Pinochet in the 80s.” 

In responding to Rivaz de Ginebras, President Neita expressed great interest in the investment opportunity and committed to increasing the Chamber’s relationship with Chile. For this reason, JCC looks to facilitate further technical meetings at the government level to ensure there is reciprocity for both existing and potential investors in Chilean markets.