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The Jamaica Chamber of Commerce (JCC) was established in 1779 as a membership based organization with a mandate to advocate for better economic, social and political conditions to foster suitable trade facilitation in competitive global markets.

Complete and submit an application form along with the relevant documents outlined. Once in receipt of your application, we will contact you.

Membership with the JCC depends on two key factors: the yearly turnover of the organization and the total number of employees in the organization. This determines the category to which the organization is allocated and the cost.

The JCC amplifies the voice of business in Jamaica. It plays a significant role in advocacy and lobbying for the creation of an environment in which businesses thrive. Anyone seeking to do business in Jamaica is encouraged to join the JCC.

Privileges and benefits of being a JCC Member:

Exclusive opportunities to interact directly with industry leaders and influencers.

A front-row seat to our business facilitation initiatives.

Access to key market insights

Networking with other members through our social events

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