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The operation of the Chamber is subdivided into services and activities that is championed by the organization’s committees, in its role as economic advisor and business advocate. These Committees were formulated with a mandate to act in and protect the interest of the business community on national issues which play a crucial role in Jamaica’s socio-economic development. 


The Chamber activities and services takes the form of networking opportunities, facilitating ingoing and outgoing trade missions, linkages between our members, local and overseas sources and outlets for goods and services; lobbying government on matters affecting trade and the business industry among other services. 


Serving on the Committee will not oblige you to become a Chamber member if you are not already, but we would certainly be happy to invite you to join us.

The Competitiveness Committee ensures that the flagship events are funded independent of the Chamber’s general budget and are delivered at the high standard.

Additionally the committee seeks to establish new products designed to add value to the membership of Members.

This Committee has one sub-committee:
Conference Board, chaired by: Andre Gooden

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As a regional centre for trade and commerce, Kingston has historically influenced the development and character of Jamaica. The factors which have shaped the development of the city are, today, just as relevant to its redevelopment. The committee’s broad redevelopment goals are to:

Arrest physical and social blight

Improve economic and social conditions in Downtown Kingston

Define capital city status

Improve physical development infrastructure while fostering public and private investments

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The Economy and Taxation Committee focuses on tax-related issues and provides insight on how the economic forecast will impact certain groups. The committee monitors economic shifts in Jamaica and globally for opportunities to strengthen advocacy and advisory positions for JCC members.

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This committee is responsible for overseeing the Chamber’s finances. All fiscal decisions are informed by the committee’s recommendations.

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The Legislation, Regulations and Process Improvement Committee (LEGS & REGS) monitors and provides insights on Jamaica’s legislation, regulations and processes that affect the business environment. The committee coordinates the review of parliamentary acts and educates JCC members on best practices and standards influenced by these acts.

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This committee is responsible for our membership growth, engagement, retention, and improving the membership value proposition. The committee ensures that all membership needs are met and that the Chamber continues to evolve, inform and support members in the constantly changing global economy. Join Now
The Trade Facilitation Committee supports the JCC’s mission to help our members be the drivers of growth and prosperity in Jamaica by influencing policy, promoting foreign direct investments and facilitating international trade. This committee has three sub-committees: Anti-Illicit Trade, chaired by Olivia Bertrand Customs Tariffs and Port Users, chaired by Director Emeritus Lazarous Bucknor Retailers Wholesalers and Distributors, chaired by Phillip Ramson. Join Now

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